Saturday, March 18, 2017

Marinana Trench...and more

Mariana Trench, Marianas trough, or Marianas deep, is an elongated depression on the Pacific Ocean floor, southwest of  Guam. It is one of the most mysterious places on our planet. My research reveals some interesting information about this most unusual place…and I started paying attention to Mariana Trench while collecting information about unidentified submersible objects of  Eurasia. I hope you enjoy this presentation, and if so, please share it, because as far as I know, very few people (outside of governmental-sponsored research in a number of countries) pay attention to the area. Maybe someone else has additional information…

And this one is about Central Asia.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ancient map of Mars...

UFOs of Uzbekistan and other strange phenomena

This is my latest video; and it tells the story of the paranormal Uzbekistan, its unique and mysterious archeological past, ubiquitous UFOs, KGB investigation of those who reported ET contacts, strange discoveries and bold expeditions, and much more...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Updates: research
2017 International UFO Congress. The 26th annual International UFO Congress will take place February 15-19 2017 in Fountain Hills, Arizona.
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During the International UFO Congress, meeting some attendees, I was repeatedly asked about my research of China’s UFOlogy. Of course I will speak more about my research in the future, as well as about other Asian countries that border the Russian Federation.
My article about Sichuan Province of the PRC is below:
UFOS OVER THE PROVINCE. Unidentified flying objects have visited China since the distant past. Some observations have been recorded in the annals of the country’s ...

Meanwhile, I am trying to confirm a recent incident in the province, as reported by Izvestiya (they used TASS, and TASS used Chinese sources for the initial report). A UFO interfered with the landings of passenger airplanes at a Sichuan airport. This took place sometime in January of 2017. The airport is Mianyang Nanjiao Airport.
Неопознанный летающий объект (НЛО) помешал трем пассажирским самолетам совершить посадку ...
ПЕКИН, 3 февраля. /Корр. ТАСС Николай Селищев/. Администрация аэропорта китайского города ...

Sichuan is well-known for its earthquakes, and there may be a correlation of UFO sightings and earthquakes. The most recent one took that I know of took place on February 2, 2017.
Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 4.7
I am also collecting data about the April 24 through 26, 1966 UFO sightings worldwide. This was a wave of sightings, and more elaborate phenomena took place.
Some of my findings are presented in my YOUTUBE channel, and definitely I will keep updating the channel. Also, I will present a video on the UFO cases of the Russian-Chinese-Mongolian borders. There have been rather fascinating episodes.
Paul Stonehill Stonehill Paranormal Channel

As for Mongolia: the Gobi Desert contains enough secrets to spend a lifetime for the research. Someone, a most knowledgeable person, a person whose life itself was shrouded in mysteries, to an extent, did know a lot about the desert, and strange secrets it holds. I am working on a video presentation about that person, who was "out of bounds of space and time", but enriched the sciences of his Motherland greatly, and will put forth the most important information collected.