Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I am a published author, and researcher of Eurasian UFO and  paranormal phenomena; and a lecturer, as well. I was interviewed by History Channel Ancient Aliens program, and other TV UFO phenomenon shows. An example of my work: my article, Ancient Astronauts of Central Asia, published in FATE Magazine. But I have many more. My books have been published in 7 languages (the latest, in French); I am fluent in Russian, and know Ukrainian.

I was born in the Soviet Union (Ukraine), and have been living in the United Sates since my youth. 

My area of Ancient Astronaut research and modern UFOs and USOs,   encompasses Eastern Europe, Siberia, European Russia, the Arctic Russia, Mongolia and China. I am in touch with a number of prominent UFO researchers in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, as well as other countries around the globe.


Aliens and Evil Places

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