Saturday, June 25, 2016

Long ago...unusual sightings in the sky: from the archives of the Russian Kosmopoisk society

Saturday, 15 September 1492
I sailed to the west day and night for 81 miles, or more. Early this morning I saw a marvelous meteorite fall into the sea 12 or 15 miles away to the SW. This was taken by some people to be a bad omen, but I calmed them by telling of the numerous occasions I have witnessed such events. I have to confess that this is the closest that a falling star has ever come to my ship.
From Christoper Columbus, Captain’s Diary

Island of Malta, January 1723.
from the Russian newspaper Sankt-Peterburgskiye Vedomosti   (The St. Petersburg Gazette).
This was Russia's first printed newspaper, published since 1703.
The January 1723 story  mentions a fiery rapier  seen around January 29, in the air, at Malta. It seemed to be in "great oscillation",  and it flew along the shores of this island.

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