Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Antikythera Mechanism (view from Ukraine); mysteries of ancient China

...How many such mechanisms existed in the past? No known source ever mentioned them. But it is obvious that the knowledge to manufacture such complex devices did exist. One of the best analyses of the available (in 1996-7) information about the Antikythera Mechanism was completed by Ukrainian author and scientist Aleksandr Kul'skij.

I really wish his books would be available in all major languages of the world. Two more Ukrainian authors, R. Furduy and G. Burgansky, published research of ancient technologies and incredible archeological discoveries; different aspects of Forteana. Yet, their names are virtually unknown in the West and the Orient...

In my articles about the Russian Professor Yefremov, I describe his fascinating knowledge of ancient technologies and devices that existed in ancient China and elsewhere.

Any credible and comprehensive research requires cooperation with East European, Russian, Chinese and Indian scientists and researchers of the paleoufology .

There are worlds that exist on Earth we know very little of...

Paul Stonehill

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