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BOOK REVIEW. TITLE: Russia’s USO Secrets

TITLE: Russia’s USO Secrets. AUTHOR: Paul Stonehill & Philip Mantle. PUBLISHER: Richard Dolan Press 2016 . PRICE: Check website ISBN: 13:978-1532898402
What most people fail to realise is that the USO subject is as big (if not bigger) than the UFO phenomenon. USO for those not in the know, stands for Unidentified Submersible Object) There haven’t been a lot of books written about this subject and certainly not one that provides the reader masses of information about USO observations from Russia. This book does that and more. It’s a bloody corker of a book and one of which I could read over again in a heartbeat. OK let’s have a look at but some of the incidents that made me as a reviewer stop, think, and re-read what I had just read.
Needless to say the authors mention several times about how tight lipped the Russian authorities were when dealing with the USO subject. Many times they came after those that spoke out openly about the subject. That said, many brave men and women did come forward under threat to tell the Russian people about what was going on, none more so than Pavel Popovich a famous Soviet Cosmonaut. Pavel was instrumental in getting the KGB to open up their UFO files in the early 1990’s. Pavel believed that aliens have existed here on planet Earth for thousands of years with bases across the Earth but more so under the oceans of our planet and at the bottom of the Indian Trench. The authors although accepting that some UFO files have been released from Russia state that they are not holding their breath as to the release of any further USO files soon, they state that the Russian State Naval Archive guard their secrets very well. Incidentally, another figure very prominent in Russian UFO research to help bring the subject to the masses was Vladimir Ajaja, without Vladimir and Pavel Popovich what we know about Russian UFO and USO objects would be very little indeed.
Mankind is ever progressing in science and medicine and over the past several years many improvements have been made to deep sea submersibles which allow mankind to penetrate even deeper into the inky depths of the oceans the authors await with baited breath for one of these new submersibles to perhaps capture on camera one of these amazing USO devices. Although there is a vast amount of evidence which clearly shows that USO’s have been seen entering and exiting the seas and lakes in and around Russia they fully realise that some (not all) devices seen exiting the waters of Russian lakes may well be secret classified Russian devices. Soviet censorship is such that you aren’t going to be hearing about any such secret tests any time soon.
We are told that during the 1960’s many Russian submarines started to encounter strange sounds emanating from objects at great depths. Sometimes these strange objects with their strange sounds would circle the Russian submarines of which the Soviets never did determine what they were. They dubbed the sounds Kvakeri and were mainly encountered in the Atlantic Ocean. By the 1980’s they phenomenon petered out and was largely forgotten.
Just like the UFO phenomena which has its strange beings seen in close proximity those pesky USO’s seem to have their own bizarre creatures as well. Check out Chapter Three with the mysterious humanoids. Apparently in 1982 Russian frogmen encountered strange underwater mysterious swimmers In Lake Baikal these were human like but much much bigger and were swimming at great depths dressed only in tight fitting silver suits with no diving apparatus other than sphere like helmets covering their heads. Lake Baikal we are told is one of the deepest lakes in the world exceeding one mile in depth and contains more volume of fresh water than any other fresh water lake here on planet Earth. Who knows what secrets can be found at the bottom of Lake Baikal? Many UFO sightings have also appeared over this mysterious lake. The authors also provide more tales of strange creatures which Russian authorities have shot at (see pages 42-43) There are even more tales of those peculiar silver suited swimmers which have appeared in a number of Russian lakes. We also learn that a gentleman was hang gliding over a number of lakes near Kavgolovo which is near Leningrad where there are a number of lakes. As he was gliding over one of these lakes he was astonished to see three giant fish like creatures in silvery costumes!
Chapter four provides the reader with numerous takes of encounters with USO’s by Russian submarines. One such case that caught my eye was back in 1990 some marine scientists who were in a deep water bathyscaphes observed at a great depth something resembling a wheel which was tall as a large ten storey building. It would rotate then depart. What on Earth could this be! We are also told that many UFOs have been seen flying over Russian submarine bases and also restricted Military Towns. Of course the Russians did speculate at one time that maybe some of these strange devices might be the result of some new fangled NATO ingenuity! But that theory soon fell flat due to the incredible speeds and characteristics of these aerial and underwater devices.
In chapter six we learn that during the Korean War two Russian fighter planes encountered a UFO over the Sea of Japan, one of the planes flew so close to the UFO that it vibrated then fell apart into little pieces. Of course the Russian border is massive, over 10,000 miles of it and needless to say, many UFOs and USOs have been seen across this land and the Arctic Ocean of which borders Russian. It’s been stated that Russia and its vast sways of land may hold rich mineral and oil deposits as well as natural gas, nickel, gold, and copper, could this be a reason why this area has seen a high concentration of UFO and USO reports? Or, on the other hand, might it not be the destruction and pollution of certain areas across Russia that brings those strange aerial vehicles to the fore? Numerous UFOs were seen flying around the destroyed Chernobyl plant back in 1986. Did you know for instance that the Northern Sea Passage includes one million abandoned barrels of Soviet fuel which the authors tell us have polluted the Arctic environment? Are alien eyes watching over this situation? And, would you believe, there are still areas of Russia which have yet to be properly explored! Incredible isn’t it?
The authors also tell us of a strange mysterious island (The Barsa-Kelmes) which has numerous strange phenomena associated with it, namely time slips, and a giant flying extinct lizard
Chapter 13 brings us many tales of USO and UFO sightings in and around the Black Sea and boy they sure as hell open up your eyes. Many tales are told of wheels under the sea, massive structures which seem to defy explanation. The Black Sea it would appear holds many secrets, some of which are slowly coming out and owing to the good work of Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill we get to know about them. A common thread of the UFOs reported in this book (some of which dive into the seas and lakes of Russia) tell of those UFOs changing shape in mid air, a common trait it would appear in this most mysterious of subjects. During the 1980-1981, many people reported UFOs rising from the waters of the Kola Peninsula. The authors ask the question could St Petersburg and the Baltic Sea be areas where the Russians have a secret Military/Naval UFO research centre, just like the Americans have with the so called Area51? Well maybe that’s not as strange as it seems!
At the end of the day this is a classic book on a subject that more and more people should get their heads into, that of USOs. This book covers a wealth of amazing cases (how I would love to mention more in this review, but you will need to buy the book for that to find out!) The authors themselves admit that some of the cases in their book may well indeed be the result of rocket testing and the like but what they have done, is clearly shown the world how serious the USO subject is. It’s true to say that we know more about the surface of the moon than we do as to what lies under our oceans. This is a valuable book and for those who are getting into UFOs for the first time, it’s a book to enhance your understanding of the whole UFO enigma. It’s much much bigger than probably any of us realise. Maybe we need to pay more attention to the oceans of this world than the skies! Buy the book NOW.
Reviewed by Malcolm Robinson,
Strange Phenomena Investigations.

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