Friday, September 2, 2016

Mysterious phenomenon? Double spirals (from 2001 research)


I have been researching the meaning of double spirals and ancient astronaut hypothesis-ever since I read a fascinating book published in the USSR; its author is Mr. Nikitin, a scientist, and a writer. I wish the book would be translated and available to others (its title is Kostri na beregah, 1984, Moscow). I mention it briefly in “The Soviet UFO Files”.

Ancient Minoan coins carried depictions of the same double spirals Mr. Nikitin observed in the Kola Peninsula (the "labyrinths").

In the USSR, it was Ivan Yefremov, a great writer and scientist, who aroused interest of multitudes with his description of Minoan Crete, and other ancient sites. His book Tais of Athens also carried mention of ancient and lost scientific devices (in Asia). I will talk more about him in the future.

Here is more about the double spirals:

Wilkins, Maurice Hugh Frederick, a British biophysicist and Nobel laureate, contributed to the determination of the structure of the nucleic acid known as DNA. He studied the structure of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecule by X-ray diffraction techniques and discovered that the molecule appeared to have a double spiral structure.

Now, look here (this is from Scotland, an ancient stone monument, from about the same period I discussed in my small serialized Russian-language book about ancient astronaut hypothesis; somewhere around 3000 and 2500 BC):

This is also of great interest:

Spatio-temporal Patterns in Liquid Crystals.

These beautiful pictures show cooperative phenomena exhibited by a nonlinear system out of equilibrium. Because liquid crystals "self-organize", they effectively solve many coupled, nonlinearintegro-differential equations faster than we can compute them.

Finally, there is this scientist on note in Japan who authored:

Double Spiral Energy Surface in One-Dimensional Quantum Mechanics of Generalized Point like Potentials

At this site:

What are we dealing with? What is the meaning of the double spirals in nature, history, biology, etc.?

Mr. Nikitin is a wonderful Russian source. Others have conducted similar research; recently there have been expeditions to the forbidden Northern areas of Russia. Philip Mantle and I discuss this in our new book. Also, an ancient mysterious Ukrainian culture, a contemporary of Minoan Crete, had similar motifs on its pottery.
More about this ancient culture of my native land can be found here:

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