Friday, September 2, 2016

Real Hollywood plot: NAZI RAIDERS OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL: Battlefield Brazil

Battlefield Brazil
(Information from Russia)
by Paul Stonehill

Tatyana Samoilova, a Russian historian and journalist, has a knack for finding fascinating information. Her article in Russia’s NLO Magazine (1999) described an episode from W.W.II that has prompted the author of this article to seek supporting materials in the cryptic world of international espionage.

F├╝hrerhauptquartier Wolfsschanze (English: Wolf's Lair,) was the codename for Adolf Hitler's World War II Eastern Front military headquarters, at Gierloz (Poland) . It is one of the most sinister places in the region. The fortress is composed of 80 buildings, 50 of them are bunkers.  Secrets of the Wolfsschanze have not been fully uncovered to this day. Among the Italian engineers who had designed and built the HQ was one name Luigi Longo. He was injured during the construction and sent to a secret Nazi hospital in the Alps. There he met an old college buddy, now a top Italian officer, who was bound for Milan. Longo decided to join him, albeit unbeknownst to his German hosts. He jumped the fence, and soon thereafter was driving is his friend’s car to Milan. There he found horrible news; but a block away from his home, Luigi met another friend who told him that Gestapo was looking for Longo. His wife and two sons had been captured and taken away, and an ambush was waiting for the Italian engineer. Only his oldest daughter was spared, visiting their relatives’ home in the country. Longo also learned that the airplane carrying his Italian colleagues who had built Hitler’s HQ in Poland (they were to receive awards from the Fuhrer in Berlin) blew up in the air. Those who knew secrets of the Third Reich had to disappear…Longo knew that his life was in mortal danger. But then…some unknown, mysterious friends had warned his oldest daughter Maria and had provided both with new documents and had arranged a secret to passage to southern Italy. There, Longo and Maria were placed aboard a neutral ship that was bound to South America.

Longo and his daughter arrived in South America. Their unknown, mysterious friends had provided the family with a letter of recommendations. It helped the engineer to find work in a hotel of a small seaside town (Samoilova does not provide the name of the country or the town); Maria became a maid at the hotel. Longo assumed that he was assisted by Italian Communist underground (he was not a Communist, though). He expected that they would come to him to learn the Wolfsschanze secrets. Months went by, but no one came.

According to Samoilova, in the spring of 1943 a yacht named Passim left the beautiful Bay of Arcachon in southwest France. Under the command of a seasoned sea wolf, Heinrich Garbers, it was sailing on a secret mission to South America. But according to other (German) sources...

There is so much more to the story! I have done thorough research, and there is fascinating international inrigue from WWII (and ages before)...Those seriously interested will contact me. What a movie this story could be...

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