Friday, September 2, 2016

Sergey Korolyov (from 2001)


I recently learned that Sergey Korolyov’s daughter is seeking a publisher for her book about the life of her famous father. For those who do not know, Sergey Korolyov was one of the founders of Moscow Group for the Study of Reactive Motion and participated in the Soviet Union's first launch of a liquid-propellant rocket in 1933.

The man was the most famous Soviet rocket designer and pioneer of cosmonautics, for years he was known only by his code name "Chief Designer".

He was the source of the Soviet successes with the first artificial satellite of the Earth Sputnik-1, and the first man in space Yuri Gagarin.

In January of 1999, I compiled and published a few UFO-related episodes of his life. Hopefully, his daughter will reveal more, if there is anything to reveal.

An English translation of her book would be most welcome. Just like the translation of another prominent Soviet scientist’s (Professor Burdakov) books; Professor Burdakov knew the “Chief Designer” personally, and has much to say about Soviet UFO phenomena history.

I mention some of his ideas in my book (we corresponded years ago); but Western researchers deserve to read more of this great scientist’s writings.

My piece can be found here:

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