Monday, October 23, 2017


Updates about the Dyatlov Pass incident. September 20, 2017
1. An unregistered tourist team travelled to the site. One man died on the 18th of this month at the arrival. No further news yet. Criminal investigators are trying to reach the site.
2. Former governor of the Sverdlovsk Oblasr (region) Eduard Rossel stated earlier this year that he respects scientists who are trying to understand what happened at the Pass in 1959...but added that all evidence about the incident is classified at the federal level. This is according to the RIA News Agency. Those who requested access to the information also approached the Ministry of Defense. Of course, no disclosures ensued...
3. My investigation is here. I speak Russian fluently and do not rely on translators. And I have investigated the case since 1990s.
4. Serious researchers in the West and Asia know how to contact me.
5. See my investigation of the Golden Woman legends. It's on my channel. There is a definite connection to the Dyatlov Pass incident ( and more).

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