Monday, October 23, 2017


Paul Stonehill, Russian paranormal expert, (contributor to Ancient Aliens on History Channel). Here is what the Russians have discovered and experienced in outer space: cosmonauts and strange encounters; “angels” in the orbital station. Macabre "whispers", UFOs, and disasters.
Although I was not invited as speaker to the MUFON Secret Space Program Symposium this summer, I believe that people worldwide should know about developments in the Russian and Chinese space programs (and the relevant paranormal aspects). Hence, I am asking my friends on Facebook and the groups I belong to: please share my videos (if you find them relevant) about the Russian/Soviet space program and the cosmonauts. Our planet and the Solar System do not revolve only around NASA. Other countries are entering the space exploration/space race (or have done so even prior to NASA entry...), and they have their own experiences and encounters with the unknown that should be acknowledged.
Thank you.

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