Monday, October 23, 2017


The article from Popular Mechanics describes previously classified information about Soviet subs, and the silent war down below. It mentions recently declassified CIA information.

It is my belief that the book Philip Mantle and I co-authored, Russia's USO Secrets, also revealed previously unknown information (USOs, strange underwater encounters...), and more is to come (we hope) from the powers-that-be, until the ultimate ones, the most guarded UFOs and USO files-Soviet, U.S., U.K....maybe even Chinese- finally become available. Please note that our book has information that was revealed, discussed, and referred to by Soviet/Russian Navy personnel; military commanders; scientists and cosmonauts.

We pay close attention to the Arctic in our book; secrets of Antarctica; the Far East; mysterious humanoids of the Central Asian and Russian lakes; the "kvakeri"...and much more. And all of you should pay attention to such cases, and as I discuss in my videos, to the developing stories of Mariana Trench, and the waters around the Kuril Islands...

We will learn more about the world below, and the submarines, terrestrial and those that are not (or the "iron  fish", as the ancient Yakutian legends described such objects...yes, the knew about huge "iron fish" down below, in the antiquity of this Arctic people).
Newly declassified documents show that even the most secretive submarines leaves a trail.
...One particularly strange underwater phenomenon attracted attention of the Soviet Navy’s high command. This mysterious phenomenon was discovered in the 1960s and ...

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