Monday, October 23, 2017

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I call your attention to the work and discoveries of Polish scientists in Peru.

Previously, I described mysterious discoveries in deep water lakes of Russia and Central Asia. I described the Soviet cosmonaut Pavel Popovich and his claim about underwater alien bases on our planet. And his statement that the Andean base is closed because "we got too close to it". Whom he meant by "we” is not clear; probably hr referred to the human inhabitants of the planet Earth... Popovich was the one who helped Soviet UFO researchers obtain the KGB files regarding UFOs. He knew a lot when it came to Soviet classified information about UFOs and other related phenomena. In our research of Soviet USOs, together with Philip Mantle, we discovered more fascinating Soviet and Russian cases. As for the Polish USO information, I will present it in a future video. They had very interesting cases and encounters with unidentified submersible objects, including some in Cuban waters.
I am not certain we will find out all they have discovered in the three lakes!  Let’s monitor to the best of out abilities.

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