Sunday, March 11, 2018

Military UFO and USO research

After reading the NY Post article, I wonder, do they in the Pentagon ever read books like Russia’s USO Secrets or Russia's Roswell Incident? Philip Mantle and I presented well-researched information about UFOs and USOs sighted, observed and encountered by the Soviet military. We present information from the modern Russian cases, Ukraine. Our book is obviously read in China (hopefully, it will be translated into Chinese, too). The cases we present are dramatic, gripping, and convincing. The Soviets has been concerned since the 194Os about UFOs and USOs. And here we find out the American military are “stunned”...

Why are they stunned? In my videos I present information that the CIA spied in the USSR for UFO information in the Soviet Central Asia. About the same time, Stalin’s spies in the United States were gathering information on American UFO cases. Aren’t the DIA and other military intelligence agencies informed?

I do not believe anyone is really “stunned” in the Pentagon or its Russian and Chinese counterparts. I believe we have uncovered but the tip of the iceberg in our books, but enough to show a very serious “alien” presence in and over the waters of our planet.

It is “a pattern requiring serious attention and investigation.” To treat it otherwise is more than unprofessional. It is negligent and irresponsible for military strategists of major global powers.

Paul Stonehill, Russian paranormal expert, (contributor to Ancient Aliens on History Channel).

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