Sunday, March 11, 2018

News about the Dyatlov Pass


I constantly monitor news and information from Russia and other post-Soviet countries about UFO/USO phenomena and related subjects.
Since the early 1990s, with input from my colleague and coauthor Philip Mantle, I have investigated the Dyatlov Pass case. I also made a YouTube video about my investigation, and I follow up on the latest developments. The video is attached. The most complete Dyatlov Pass investigation. Please share. And remember that there are people in Russia still actively looking for answers. But some matters and files are still classified.

A few days ago I received news from Russia. On February 28, 2018, it was reported that a lone tourist who embarked on his mission to the Dyatlov Pass, had disappeared. Three weeks prior to that, he stopped communicating with his family. The tourist had to complete his journey by February 27. According to Russian media, the person who disappeared was a judge from the Sverdlovsk regional court. The Ivdel rescue and recover unit reported that he did not register with them. They had no information about his movements. On March 1, rescuers left to look for the judge. They planned to use special vehicles to leave Ivdel, and reach Vizhay settlement, transfer to snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, and then continue the mission using the following itinerary: Ushma settlement, Ilyich Base, the Dyatlov Pass, Otorten Mountain, and Manpupuner Plateau. Rescuers from the Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations had to cross 200 kilometers in extreme freezing conditions through a very difficult mountainous, snow-covered area.
But a local Mansi hunter, Oleg Sambindalov found the lost tourist from Yekaterinburg, who left for the Dyatlov Pass. He found the judge in the area of the Otorten Mountain. The hunter located the lost tourist by the Lunthusaptur lake, in the upper reaches of the Lozva River. Sambindalov offered the judge to take him to the rescue team in his snowmobile, but the tourist refused; and complained about his injured legs. Due to his trauma, the judge decided to change his itinerary: he headed to the Ilyich Hut through the Dyatlov pass. His destination was the Pillars of Erosion Manpupuner.  Who was this judge? There have been so many strange visitors to the Mountain of the Dead, the Dyatlov Pass, and the Pillars of Erosion…
I will update my colleagues about other interesting developments in the Dyatlov Pass area. But please know that the territory is hard-to-reach; contains state secrets and enigmas; and according to my research, the lair of the Golden Woman…
Paul Stonehill, Russian paranormal expert, (contributor to Ancient Aliens on History Channel). 
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